Asia Pacific

Our Story

Maple Leaf Education Asia Pacific Ltd (MLEAP) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems (CMLES), registered in Hong Kong in 2015.

The establishment of MLEAP signals a corporate expansion to include a range of educational operations throughout South East Asia and Australia, including establishing new independent schools, international and domestic student recruitment, university partnership programs and other educational initiatives.

MLEAP opened its first independent high school, Maple Leaf School-University of South Australia (MLS-UniSA), in February 2019 on the campus of the University of South Australia in Adelaide.

Our Parent Company

After 20 years of successful operation, China Maple Leaf Educational Systems (CMLES) listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in November 2014. CMLES has played a significant contributory role in the success of British Columbia’s offshore school program, starting as BC’s first offshore school now having grown into the largest Canadian offshore school system. Maple Leaf schools were founded in Dalian China in 1995 and have offered a secondary education program certified by the Province of British Columbia since 1997. Maple Leaf currently enrolls more than 47,000 students from preschool through high school with over 7,000 enrolled in the British Columbia high school program. CMLES currently has schools in 23 cities throughout China with more than 20 elementary schools and 20 middle schools offering the Chinese National curriculum and more than 10 high schools offering the BC, Canada and provincial Chinese high school graduation diploma. In June 2020 Maple Leaf high schools graduated more than 2,250 students with BC diplomas, with a near 100% student visa approval rate for students applying for post-secondary studies around the world.

Our Mission

The mission of Maple Leaf Education Asia Pacific is to expand the reach of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems throughout South East Asia and Australia, providing Opportunities to Learn – Teach – Invest.

Opportunities to Learn

  • Maple Leaf acquired Kingsley International School (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and Canadian International School (Singapore).
  • New high schools opening in Australia, Singapore, and other locations.
  • Expanding the university school model – university preparatory schools located on partner university campuses.
  • Implement a future Maple Leaf Math and Science Teacher Training Program with the University of South Australia.

Opportunities to Teach

  • Recruit and hire academic, certified teachers for MLEAP schools
  • Recruit and hire ESL certified teachers for MLEAP Schools
  • Managing processes to promote MLIS Chinese teachers to undertake teaching assignments in MLEAP schools

Opportunities to Invest

  • Host investor delegations and individuals
  • Provide an Asia-Pacific location for CMLES Board meetings and presentations
  • Explore school acquisition and development of new business opportunities in Asia and Australia related to the core values and business objectives of CMLES.