Asia Pacific

Our Schools

Maple Leaf Schools blend the educational practices and philosophy of Maple Leaf International Schools in China with current best practices in educational philosophy and innovation in Australia and Singapore. Our schools promote active and engaged learning with activities in the classroom, the community and the natural outdoor environment.

The Maple Leaf university school philosophy is based on the belief that through blending the best of the innovative and enquiry-based western educational model with the culturally rich and disciplined traditions of Asian educational models, students will be prepared to meet the challenges of living and working in an internationally diverse society.

The Maple Leaf university school philosophy assumes that every child has a strong desire to learn and to develop an understanding of the world, to share their knowledge, and to communicate their understanding, thoughts and feelings through wide ranging personal expression.

Our schools provide an international education that emphasizes academic excellence within a supportive community that respects and promotes cultural norms and traditions for all Australian, Chinese and international students.

Our schools promote appreciation for the diversity of people and cultures, provide an optimal environment for learning and teaching, and offer a globally respected curriculum that inspires in its students the spirit and ideals of global citizenship.

Our schools measure success by the extent to which they guide each student in the exploration of their interests, assist them in the accomplishment of their goals and promote a sense of self-fulfillment and pride. The Maple Leaf university school model endeavors to create a diverse, dynamic, and engaging learning environment where students feel safe, supported, and empowered to fully develop their abilities, interests and creative talents.

We work to develop top students and provide opportunities that prepare them for their future academic endeavors.